a SpaceTime Oddisey


In a project spanning 9 months, BARABOOM! Studios served as previsualization supplier for “Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey,” assisting in the design and execution of numerous complex visuals for the groundbreaking National Geographic Channel series, which recently won 4 Emmy Awards. Our studio contributed to all 13 episodes of the series’ first season, as the hub of a virtual production model, creating previsualizations used in planning visual effects, set design, stage and locations shoots, and post production processes.

474 Shots
56 sequences
760 models

Previs Supervisor: Pepe Valencia
Previs Leads: Marco Rossi, Eduardo Oliden, Max Diaz
Previs Artists: Yonathan Moreda, Juan Segura, Miguel Sorni

Modeling Assets

ASSETS Creation

In the creation of assets, we generate quite a large of number of models, sets and props, from Planets, to Alexandria  and from new York Streets to the atom.  We worked mainly in Viewport 2.0 using DirectX and OpenGL.