Previsualization and development of cinematics of seven sequences for Book of Life. We spent 3 months and a half a team of 8 artists

8 sequences
275 Previs Shots
53  Character models
8 Environments

Previs Supervisor: Pepe Valencia
Previs Leads: Patty Strulovic, Eduarlo oliden, Jaime Maestro
Previs Artists: Chelo Andreu, Monica Rios, Borja Lopez, Adolfo Aliaga
Previs Production: Mike Pryor, Cristina Capitanio, Marta Rodriguez

Characters Lineup

ASSETS Creation

We model and rig 53 characters to play in 7 previs sequences. It was important to achieve the maximum we could in our given time to bring the best of the characters, to be read in the story at the most. Each character model cost us 1 day per model and rig, except for the main characters.

We also model and design from concepts 8 different locations. It was an intensive work, modifying structures and working closely with Director to accomplish his vision.


Gallery 2


From Director’s Designs, we modeled and rigged almost all the characters, props and sets in previs.