@ VES Summit 2014

Having a good time meeting old friends and new faces at the 2014 VES Summit in Hollywood.

Great panels, round tables and for the keynote from EVP of visual effects and post production, Victoria Alonso.


Victoria Alonso

We started with Victoria answering and giving her insights about the industry.

“Fill the gap”, in order to access and move in this business, just go, work and fill the gap, as a way use in your favor any opportunity you find in your path.

“Equality”, a 50-50 in genre on production should be the way to go.

“Story”, all of us collaborate to bring the story to the audience, all ideas are welcome.

 “Fire in your butt” Kind of the feeling you should have every day, be conscious about where you are , feel the pressure, is all good.

“Film Creator” and no “shot creator”, we are film creators, we create films not shots.

“Always creating”, we don’t stop creating.

We had a fun time at the roundtables:

CROWD FUNDING – Animation Episodes 10 Minutes at a Pop
Moderator: Brandon Fayette — VFX Supervisor at J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions

Its clear the new venues are going to take over in the next decade. A new way to promote and distribute your content is here.

COMMERCIALS – Understanding Client Expectations
Moderator: Sarah Patterson — Executive Producer, TBWA/Chiat Day, Los Angeles

Sarah gave us a glimpse of the commercial business.


Until next Summit!.