Presenting Cosmos at FMX 2014

Exploring the Virtual “Cosmos”

Pepe Valencia (BARABOOM! Studios)

Baraboom! Studios worked closely with VFX Supervisor Rainer Gombos to create imagery for Cosmos.  From micro to macro, Previs Supervisor Pepe Valencia will share his experience of working every gamut of the virtual production pipeline; creating previs, techvis, d-vis, even completed VFX shots for the 13 episode series.  From creating unseen worlds to conveying accurate scientific data, this project incorporated every skill and discipline that Pepe’s team had to offer. Along with the guiding eye of Gombos, Pepe and his team interacted with the show’s production designer, editor, scientific advisor, camera crew as well as visual effects artists.


Pepe Valencia

Pepe Valencia, Founder / Previsualization Director, BARABOOM! Studios,

Pepe Valencia is the Founder and Previsualization Director at BARABOOM! Studios, a Previsualization company whose credits include “COSMOS: a Spacetime Odyssey” from Fox TV, and feature film “The Impossible”, as well as the upcoming animated feature “Book of Life” among others.

Before founding BARABOOM! Studios, Pepe served as Director of Photography for the film “Astro Boy”.

Pepe spent eleven years at Imageworks where he served as Animation Supervisor on such films as“The Aviator”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Peter Pan”;  and worked in other productions like  “Surf’s Up”, “Open Season” and the Academy Award nominated “Stuart Little” and worked closely with director Robert Zemeckis as Director’s Layout  on “Polar Express” and similarly with Gil Kenan on “Monster House” and Bryan Singer on “Superman Returns”.

He is co-author of the book “Inspired 3D Short Film Production”. He has taught Maya Master Classes from Seoul to San Diego and is a Maya Master Class presenter on the Alias DVD, Previsualization: From the “Director’s Concept to the Stage”.

He has taught several courses at IDEP, Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Animation Mentor and California Institute of the Arts.

Pepe is a member of the the Virtual Cinematography Subcommittee.

BARABOOM! Studios was founded in 2009 by Pepe Valencia, tapping over 20 years of experience in visual effects, animation, lighting and digital cinematography. Executive Producer Mike Pryor joined BARABOOM! In 2010 to guide business development and manage projects. A veteran of over 40 feature films and dozens of TV shows and commercials, Mike first worked with Pepe on the 1996 smash hit Space Jam.